Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Day After!

Today as we drove around our home town we witnessed the devastation to so many homes and business's. Many owners don't know where to begin in the clean up process. The first thing that must be done is not merely cosmetic (flooring, painting, etc.,) Since most people do not carry Flood Insurance, we've found that everyone is overwhelmed with what to do next. Mold is a very underestimated cause for so many health problems, please go to the following website, it will give you a lot of information about what long term mold will do to you and your families health.

There is some basic cost effective things you can do to get started in the clean up process, click here.

Because we are based here in Austell this has affected our friends and neighbors greatly. One school in our area will be torn down because of the extensive water and mold damage. Many people feel that they should wait, don't wait get your house cleaned out now!

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